When should I start reading to my child?

When should I start reading to my child?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, reading aloud to your child and having her read to you is one of the best ways to foster her love of reading and improve her literacy skills.

When you read together, you’re not only modeling fluent reading, but also helping her learn new vocabulary, comprehend what she’s reading, and develop a longer attention span.

In addition to the educational benefits, reading aloud to your child is also a great way to bond. Snuggling up with a good book (or two) gives you quality time together that you can both enjoy. And as your child gets older, she’ll likely want to read the same stories to you that you once read to her.

If you’re looking for ways to get your child interested in reading, start by finding books that she’ll love. Ask your librarian for recommendations, look for books with her favorite characters, or try a series that you can read together.

Once you have a few titles in mind, make reading time a regular part of your day. Whether it’s before bed, first thing in the morning, or during lunch, find a time that works for both of you and stick to it.

When it comes to reading stories to your child, there is no set time or age. It really depends on what works best for you and your child. If you want to start reading stories to your child from a young age, you can do so. But, if you feel like your child is not quite ready yet, that’s OK too.

There are benefits to reading stories to your child at any age. It can help promote bonding, stimulate their imagination, and help them develop language skills. If you start reading to your child when they are young, they will likely develop a love for reading early on.

If you’re not sure when the best time to start reading stories to your child is, just go with your gut. If you think they would enjoy it, give it a try.